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  1. Is placing your order protected at Ideal Jackets online store? 

    Ans. At Ideal Jackets store, client’s information is protected for your concern. We exercise only PayPal checkout that is extraordinarily secured and consists of 128 bit SSL encryption. After the order is arrived to us, the payment directly goes to PayPal system and then is redirected to our bank account.

  2. Which payments methods you accept at For your simplicity, Ideal Jackets store accepts the payments via credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express
  3. Can I make the any modification right after ordering on this website?Ans. Any modification or amendment can be made during the 24 hours after placing an order. Since the automated system directly sends buyer’s order to the production section, you cannot cancel or vary it after 24 hours.
  4. Where can I see my order at Ideal Jackets?Ans. You will attain the order’s verification via email clearing up you the cost, shipping charges (if any), order verification number.
  5. Do you always present Free of charge shipping globally?Ans. Every item ordered at ideal jackets comes with Free shipping worldwide apart from only some places where courier companies don’t transport orders. Our customers indeed appreciate free shipping we send via UPS, FedEx and DHL.
  6. How do Ideal Jackets price work?Ans. For your relieve we have highlighted our illustrated prices. The color coded price is the final price of the product after all discounts.
  7. How long it could take to ship out my orders? 

    Ans. Since we use Expedited services, it would not take above 3-4 days after we ship out jacket from the warehouse. You can experience our shipping policies of our store for complete details.

  8. Is it important registering at first buy? 

    Ans.To support you supplementary suitably, you originally have to register to become our valued client. We can reserve your details in our system, which is in actuality for customer’s shield.

    Just click the “Register” tab at Home page and with no problem, register your account with us!

  9. Where do Ideal Jackets buy all the raw leather material? 

    Ans.  We just purchase unprocessed leathers from paramount hide selling companies around the world, which have no side-effects or harmful to humans. After buying these remarkable Hides, our practiced craftsmen transform them into superlative quality leather jackets as you cans see. This way, you can unquestionably buy our untouchable products.

  10. How can I get in touch with Ideal Jackets team if I’ve any query or intricacy?

    Ans.Ideal Jackets can be contacted anytime via email & our team is available for via live chat. You can also launch queries at Every asked query will be responded within 24 hours.

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