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Top Tom Cruise’s Looks In His Famous Movies

Leather outerwear is one of the most important fashion accessories that are widely used by both men and women. It is all because of the smart and trendy look that it provides to the personality of the one wearing it. There are many things that make leather apparel a must have accessory for both men and women such as they can be used with any kind of outfit. Be it a T-shirt or jeans or a dress pant, leather wear looks good with all of them. Secondly leather attire is the perfect combination of style and comfort. It can be used in winter for protecting the body from cold weather. And most importantly, it provides a classy touch to the personality and enhance the looks. This is why, people, especially men love to wear leather outerwear.

Just like common men, Hollywood actors are also not spared from the charm of leather jackets. This is why; they use these apparels in not just their movies, but also in their public appearances and personal life events or occasions. In fact, it can be said that Hollywood actors are the main reason for keeping the trend of leather apparels alive. They come up with new designs and styles of leather outfits that are widely appreciated by men all over the world and they like to dress themselves like their favorite stars.

Tom’s Guide to Outerwear:


Tom Cruise is one of the most stylish Hollywood actors known for his amazing acting skills and great sense of fashion. He likes to keep his look updated with new designs and styles of leather apparels. If you want to look stylish just like Tom then you must follow his guide to outerwear which is stated below. There are different types of leather attires wore by Tom that you can use for styling your personality. These are:

Mission Impossible Outerwear:

His Famous Moviess

This classic leather attire was used by Tom in his famous movie named Mission Impossible Ghost protocol. This leather wear has got a very unique design. It has a hoodie attached to it which provides it a very smart look. This outerwear is best to pair with casual outfit and can be worn to events like social gatherings, outings or party nights etc. It is available in black color.

War of the Worlds Outerwear:


This amazing outerwear has got a very unique design. Its notable features are front zipper opening, stand collar, three pockets on front, cuffs with zippers and fitted sleeves and a stylish blade design on its back. All these features make this leather apparel a classy outerwear that is best for both casual and formal events. This Tom Cruise jacket War of the Worlds is available in chocolate brown color and can be paired up with any kind of outfit. You can easily buy it from the store nearer to you or you can also purchase it online to look just like Ray Ferrier.

Jack Reacher Outerwear:

Tom wore this leather apparel in his blockbuster movie, Jack Reacher. This wonderful apparel has got a very decent deign and can be used as both casual and formal outfit. It is available in black color and is made up of premium quality leather material. You can get a trendy look with this outerwear.

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