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Reign Of Jackson by Two Hours

This afternoon in the auditorium of Riojaforum of Logroño, was filled with the music, themes and spirit of the King of Pop when Frederick Henry opened the show “Thriller Jackson. The musical show” (20.30) Frederick Henry (born in New York, 1978) is one of the three famous and official Michael Jackson impersonators.

He stated that the public of Rioja will now be the witness to a tribute to Michael Jackson in which they will be able to travel through all the stages of his life in the full sense, from the start with his brothers, The Jackson Five, to all the issues his musical never released, ‘This STI it’, and some of his best songs of his posthumous CD, Xcape! This show will also be playing all the classic songs of the King of Pop, from Billy Jean, Smooth Criminal, Bad, Black and white… and of course thriller, the title of their 6th album and also this musical.
Frederick laid the emphasis on the interactive nature of this musical show. The show has four singers, one of them is Rioja David Monero, the show also has bands and dancers. Plus there are the technicians and the important audiovisual engineer, namely Charles Minor who is the creator of the breathtaking videos that bring back Michael Jackson to life by highlighting all the major events of his life.

Another major attraction in this musical is that it is Direct! Henry gives a guarantee that Jackson can sing in the sky, or to the queue, but never does he play Jackson without singing in his own voice. The show is absolutely direct.
In the musical the audience travels through all the stages of Michael’s life. From The Jackson to This STI it’s!
However, his appearance is not exactly the same as the pop star.

He explained that the complete transformation into Michael requires a lengthy process of meticulously applying makeup that the star does himself. He says that the King is inimitable in his voice and dance moves as he was perfect, but he tries to capture his spirit in all of his performances, not by imitating him completely but by copying some of his moves and tone of his voice.In addition to meeting Michael Jackson personally, Frederick Henry was also a part of the first musical tribute held in Las Vegas. Today, he will be in Rioja, but later he will fly back to Las Vegas. But, for now he is giving the King of Pop a tribute and trying to get into the spirit of pop and taking the audience back to 80s and 90s.

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