Michael Jackson Jacket Collection

Michael Jackson was one of the most inspirational and controversial musician of all time. Dubbed as the King of Pop, he is the most loved artist in music history. His music captivated audiences around the world with his diverse form of songwriting which ranged from love, art, humanity and action. His music was extreme inspiration for old and you people alike. In our collection we have paid tribute to the energetic king and music icon with our different variety of Michael Jackson Leather Jacket, which also includes the Michael Jackson Pepsi Ad Jacket, which themed around empowering the new generation through music. Known as the Pepsi Generation Ad, it caught a lot of attention and was a good promotional video for the company. Michael had been an inspiration to many around the world with amazing music and music videos, along with his extraordinary and well-choreographed dance moves. He is the pioneer of the inspirational and the liberating Moon dance. Michael had been a frequent member at the top of the Billboard Top 100, with his hits such as Thriller, Bad and not to forget “Beat it”. In spirit of these achievements we also introduced the Michael Jackson Red Jacket, Michael Jackson White Jacket and the Michael Jackson Black Jacket, which are a true tribute to the master pop-star. Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket, is a tribute to his 1982 super hit song and music video which topped the chart and elevated his career to new fame and fortune. The Michael Jackson Beat It Jacket from his electrifying song “Beat it”, which preached self-confidence and empowerment was also one of his super hit songs. The Michael Jackson Bad Black Jacket is from the Bad music video which was also a pop sensation which took the world by storm. The world was left in shock and mourning following the demise of the legendary artist, who conquered not only the music business but also the film business with his multiple roles in Hollywood blockbusters. These items come with a high quality closure which are mostly equipped with YKK branded zippers which provide maximum warmth and comfort.

These Michael Jackson Vintage Jacket are available at a very good discount price, and is a bargain for any Michael fan looking for exclusive merchandise. We guarantee that our items are 100% Genuine and are thoroughly tested before they are published onto our stores.

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