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Chris Pratt of the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” fame and his fabulous year

Chris Pratt of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” fame, rose to the level of a Hollywood superstar with a massive fan following from around the globe from just a star in “Parks and Recreation.”
Due to the astounding success of the Marvel film, he was named as the Movie Star of the Year by USA Today. Moreover, “The Lego Movie”, an animated film, in addition to grossing a stupendous profit of 300 million also received many nominations for various awards from many nominating bodies.
In spite of this huge overnight success, the social media news suggests that the star still remains very humble and is the nicest and coolest guy in Hollywood. USA Today reveals the secret to this that he does not take anything for granted.He recently told the reporters that you can easily break your heart if your plans don’t work out and your expectations are not met. I star in these movies, but there is no guarantee that people will watch them or these movies will make millions of dollars instead of making zero dollars.

He further said that it is not about lowering one’s expectations, but it is about doing a good job at all times and keeping your eyes on the goal.In addition to being a thriving actor with a highly successful career, the 35 year old actor is also happily married to a beautiful and supporting wife Anna Faris.
Amongst all the accomplishments he has had in his career (not forgetting his irresistible abdomen), he believes that his son Jack is the only accomplishment he is truly proud of.

Jack was a premature baby born two years ago, but the Jurassic World star and his wife never gave up on their son. They have been fighting for their little son ever since. Pratt said that he has prayed for his son and he will take care of him forever.In early December, in a Hollywood luncheon promoted by March of Dimes, the proud father stated that being in Hollywood, he has done all sorts of interesting things like jumping from helicopters and difficult stunts, playing baseball in a professional stadium, but all these seemingly interesting things do not even come close to being compared to the joy of becoming a father


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