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Ryan Gosling Guide to Fashion

Hollywood celebrities are trend setters:

Hollywood celebrities are considered a fashion inspiration for men and women both, because of their amazing sense of fashion. People, especially men follow them for fashion tips. In fact saying this will not be wrong that Hollywood celebrities set the trends for people. Everything that they wear becomes a fashion.


Follow Ryan’s dressing style to look smart:

There are many celebrities who are known for their dressing style; Ryan Gosling is one of them. He is not just a wonderful actor, but has also got an amazing sense of fashion. He likes to keep his dressing up to date with the going fashion trends. If you too have a desire to look stylish just like Ryan then follow the guide below to know about his dressing:


Casual Outfit with cool blazers:

Ryan knows how to add glamour to even the casual outfits. He likes to pair up his casual outfits like t-shirt and jeans with cool and trendy blazers and jackets. There are different jackets that he uses to add style to his casual look like the silk coated white jacket that he wore in his famous movie Drive. He played the role of an unnamed stunt performer of Hollywood in this movie. You can also follow his style of dressing if you want to look smart and classy. You can wear the beautiful Ryan Gosling Scorpion jacket from Drive movie with your casual wear to get yourself a trendy look. This leather wear is a perfect combination of style and comfort.


Dress suit:

For formal events or occasions, Ryan likes to wear a dress suit and tie. He keeps his dressing formal with simple dress suits like the one he wore at the premiere of his movie at the Cannes film festival. It provides him an elegant and graceful look. You can also wear dress suits and tie for formal events and can get an attractive look just like Ryan.

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The 180 kilogram update! Hugh Jackman breaks his own record at the New York gym

Wolverine Workout

Hugh Jackman holds fame for acting Wolverine, so the fact that he lifts huge weights does not surprise many. In an Instagram post from a New York gym on Monday, Jackman reminded us once again of his strength.

Hugh Jackman lifting 180 Kilogram
The video posted by the 46 year old actor shows him lifting 405 pounds for five repetitions. That weight’s equal to 183kg or 28stone
Hugh Jackman broke his own record this weekend, showing off in an Instagram post on Monday that he had managed to lift 450 pounds i.e. 183kg for five repetitions.

Hugh Jackman struggle to lift 180 Kilogram
It is not Jackman’s normal style to boast on social media, but this record made him caption his post ‘5 reps. 405 pounds. New personal best.’

The celebrity had reached a milestone in November, when he lifted 435 pounds, i.e. 197 kg for one repetition.
Since he started training during the shooting of Les Miserables with celebrity personal trainer David Kingsbury, Jackman’s strength has greatly increased.

Speaking to in October, Jackman said that before training with him, Hugh had not done a lot of straight power effort. He said that he liked his trainees to do low work in 1 to 5 repetitions, and Hugh worked mostly in the 8 to 12 repetition range.
Jackman imparted the secret behind his exceptional build: carbohydrate cycling. In this, large portions of carbohydrates are taken on training days and very little on rest days.

Hugh Jackman Broke his own record

Presently, Jackman is acting The River – his Broadway play, which is running through February 8, 2015 after being extended lately.
The actor will be seen on the cinema screen shortly, in the prequel to Peter Pan, titled Pan, which is scheduled for screening next July.
The Australian all-rounder celebrity will play the role of Blackbread besides Rooney Mara, Garrett Hedlund, Amanda Seyfried, and Cara Delevingne.

2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse, which will be shot next year, will make good use of his figure.