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New Batman Theory: Bane is the Actual Hero in The Dark Knight Rises

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Recently, a fan developed a new and interesting theory that really reveals that Bane was not the villain in the Dark Knight Rises, rather he was on Batman’s side all along.

Many comic reading and superhero adoring fans think that the Nolan Batman trilogy is one of the best film adaptations of the comic books. Although, some of these fans were not completely satisfied with the third part, The Dark Knight Rises because they think neither the story, nor the characters did do complete justice to the original powerful personas.

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A Reddit user, Ciociosanvstar has developed and posed a new theory that will blow your mind. He proposes that Bane was actually the hero of the film and he actually helped Batman to define his character as the hero.

According to this interesting new interpretation, Bane Batman believes that it is essential to wipe out vice and corruption from their city Gotham (he compares this burly character with Bruce Wayne as they depict the same characteristics of intelligence, training as well a sense of justice). But, it is very disappointing to see that the Dark Knight leaves the role after his somewhat disturbing interaction with the Joker.

Harvey Dent two faces

Furthermore, Harvey Dent, who has taken the role of the representative of all that is good and also creates a law in its name. He takes the place of the hero. Now, the villain, Dent cannot be the light, the goodness that the people of Gotham needed for without the force of the real bat are exposed to the strength of the league.

Bane tries to make the viewers see that Bruce is necessary to completely end the league. Batman is still struggling to achieve the status of a hero, a mythical creature who doesn’t possess any weakness. Batman is still struggling and is capable of being defeated by a villain.

bane extracting from jail

His final test comes when he is thrown in a prison cell underground. As mentioned earlier, to get out he has to go a transformation of forgetting his fears and prejudices and when finally Bruce gets out, he is a changed person, a renewed and improved character: a hero like Batman.

You must be wondering what does Bane do which is actually in the favor of the Batman? He reveals the truth about Dent. He basically shows the real transformation of a two faced person and the unwilling nature to help others. So, in reality the true symbol of heroism and goodness in Gotham was always the Dark Knight.

Once more these two forces face the ultimate challenge. They need to do something, they need to sacrifice for their city of Gotham. They need to lose the ego for the sake of Gotham.

So, ultimately Bruce and the Batman become individuals, completely different characters. One is a millionaire who is living a full life without being subject to the torture of the past while the vigilante becomes the symbol of goodness in the city, the one hero who is an inspiration for all in hard times. This could not have been accomplished without the existence of Bane.

Bane Dark Knight Rises

If we look at this point of view, Bane was not merely a simple character, he was a double agent and his plan was not to hurt Gotham City, but he wanted to redeem the city and renew it. His actions were always directed to a good cause. He raised a heroic character to achieve this mission.

So what do you think about this new theory? Although, there are many other theories and explanations, and they too have gaps and loopholes just like this one, but if we ignore them, then this theory gives a whole new angle to the story of Batman and the Dark Knight Rises.

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