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Return and Exchange

Ideal Jackets simply offers the most committed yet stress-free Return & Exchange policies. As we know the precision that you must obtain the similar jacket what you have seen in the picture and therefore, for whatsoever reason, you can swap over or even return that item of clothing within 30 calendar days.

But before mailing back any return, email us at, so we can inform our warehouse manager about the incoming return in advance.

Here are some essential policies for return/exchange that client must follow:

  • You can send Return/Exchange of the jacket purchased by You have a complete 30 days to either Return or Exchange if you believe for any reason you are not fully contented with that jacket. After 30 days, neither refund nor exchange will be offered.
  • For our customer’s happiness, we also present shop credits so you can purchase any jacket in future if you believe you don’t like jacket now or wait till the arrival of movie’s jacket in our store collection!
  • When the jacket you send back comes spoiled, torn, misused, changed in size or altered, then we will not accept whatsoever for either return or Exchange, and you have to keep it, even if sent prior to 30 days.
  • You can also send us request for cancelling your jacket’s order that will be accepted with conditions mentioned as follows:

    • For cancelling any order within 3 days, 25% deduction will be made from the paid amount.
    • For cancelling any order within 3 days, 45% deduction will be made from the paid amount.
    • No cancellation will be accepted if buyer’s request arrives after 7 days from the date of order.
  • We make sure that the fineness matches our ordinary needs before mailing any product. If it gets damaged during shipping, we will bear the expense and send you a new jacket our cost using accelerated shipping.
  • All Returns and Exchanges must come to our mentioned address which could be our international location. Please keep in mind informing us before mailing the jacket to our email at for address confirmation.

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