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X Men The Last Stand Cyclops Jacket

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    $159.00 $119.00

    Quick Overview

    • PU leather material
    • Black color with vibrant ribbons on left
    • One chest and two side waist pockets
    • Stand collar with button
    • Long loose sleeves with a pocket on left one
    • Zipper fastening front
    • Plain design for decency
    • Suitable with anything
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Product Description

X Men The Last Stand Cyclops Jacket

The simple yet attractive X-Men Cyclops Jacket With Leather Ribbons that was seen in the biggest hit of the millennium 2000, the X-Men, used by one of its leading characters, Cyclops, which was excellently played by the handsome James Marsden, has been copied for the sake of Marsden’s fans. The X Men – The Last Stand Cyclops product has been stitched out of PU leather of jet black color with leather trims on the side which adds to its black beauty and grace. The stand collar is wide with a button closure for extreme weathers. There’s a grey-silver zipper to fasten through the front. The left side of the apparel has got two leather ribbons of red and brown colors to enhance the simplicity to some extent while maintaining the decent flair of the X Men 2 jacket. However, the right side bears a chest pocket with a zip. The waist line has two vertical hand pockets on both sides, and those too with zipper fastening. The sleeves are long and loose to be worn by any arm size, and to fit heavy biceps. Also the left sleeve bears a pocket with zip for a modish look and the accessibility to carry your small stuff all the time with you. The back has got buckle snap tabs on the hemline. So, it’s a beautiful apparel designed for X-Men 2 Cyclops whose replica is available for affordable price.

Additional Information


XS, S, M, L, XL, 2-XL, 3-XL, Custom Size + $40

1 review for X Men The Last Stand Cyclops Jacket

  • Bobby

    Bobby ,

    I usually am not a fan of replica products for two reasons. One is the fact that they degrade the original brands and outfits within the fashion industry and secondly, there is no uniqueness about them as replicas are for everyone, I prefer limited editions. However, I made an exception and bought this leather jacket over the site while browsing through for an easy shopping. To my surprise, I actually liked it very much. The stitching, the design and style everything looks good. I am considering, maybe I was wrong about my perception of replicas and they do offer value of some sort.

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