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Ryan Gosling Guide to Fashion

Hollywood celebrities are trend setters:

Hollywood celebrities are considered a fashion inspiration for men and women both, because of their amazing sense of fashion. People, especially men follow them for fashion tips. In fact saying this will not be wrong that Hollywood celebrities set the trends for people. Everything that they wear becomes a fashion.


Follow Ryan’s dressing style to look smart:

There are many celebrities who are known for their dressing style; Ryan Gosling is one of them. He is not just a wonderful actor, but has also got an amazing sense of fashion. He likes to keep his dressing up to date with the going fashion trends. If you too have a desire to look stylish just like Ryan then follow the guide below to know about his dressing:


Casual Outfit with cool blazers:

Ryan knows how to add glamour to even the casual outfits. He likes to pair up his casual outfits like t-shirt and jeans with cool and trendy blazers and jackets. There are different jackets that he uses to add style to his casual look like the silk coated white jacket that he wore in his famous movie Drive. He played the role of an unnamed stunt performer of Hollywood in this movie. You can also follow his style of dressing if you want to look smart and classy. You can wear the beautiful Ryan Gosling Scorpion jacket from Drive movie with your casual wear to get yourself a trendy look. This leather wear is a perfect combination of style and comfort.


Dress suit:

For formal events or occasions, Ryan likes to wear a dress suit and tie. He keeps his dressing formal with simple dress suits like the one he wore at the premiere of his movie at the Cannes film festival. It provides him an elegant and graceful look. You can also wear dress suits and tie for formal events and can get an attractive look just like Ryan.


Top Tom Cruise’s Looks In His Famous Movies

Leather outerwear is one of the most important fashion accessories that are widely used by both men and women. It is all because of the smart and trendy look that it provides to the personality of the one wearing it. There are many things that make leather apparel a must have accessory for both men and women such as they can be used with any kind of outfit. Be it a T-shirt or jeans or a dress pant, leather wear looks good with all of them. Secondly leather attire is the perfect combination of style and comfort. It can be used in winter for protecting the body from cold weather. And most importantly, it provides a classy touch to the personality and enhance the looks. This is why, people, especially men love to wear leather outerwear.

Just like common men, Hollywood actors are also not spared from the charm of leather jackets. This is why; they use these apparels in not just their movies, but also in their public appearances and personal life events or occasions. In fact, it can be said that Hollywood actors are the main reason for keeping the trend of leather apparels alive. They come up with new designs and styles of leather outfits that are widely appreciated by men all over the world and they like to dress themselves like their favorite stars.

Tom’s Guide to Outerwear:


Tom Cruise is one of the most stylish Hollywood actors known for his amazing acting skills and great sense of fashion. He likes to keep his look updated with new designs and styles of leather apparels. If you want to look stylish just like Tom then you must follow his guide to outerwear which is stated below. There are different types of leather attires wore by Tom that you can use for styling your personality. These are:

Mission Impossible Outerwear:

His Famous Moviess

This classic leather attire was used by Tom in his famous movie named Mission Impossible Ghost protocol. This leather wear has got a very unique design. It has a hoodie attached to it which provides it a very smart look. This outerwear is best to pair with casual outfit and can be worn to events like social gatherings, outings or party nights etc. It is available in black color.

War of the Worlds Outerwear:


This amazing outerwear has got a very unique design. Its notable features are front zipper opening, stand collar, three pockets on front, cuffs with zippers and fitted sleeves and a stylish blade design on its back. All these features make this leather apparel a classy outerwear that is best for both casual and formal events. This Tom Cruise jacket War of the Worlds is available in chocolate brown color and can be paired up with any kind of outfit. You can easily buy it from the store nearer to you or you can also purchase it online to look just like Ray Ferrier.

Jack Reacher Outerwear:

Tom wore this leather apparel in his blockbuster movie, Jack Reacher. This wonderful apparel has got a very decent deign and can be used as both casual and formal outfit. It is available in black color and is made up of premium quality leather material. You can get a trendy look with this outerwear.


Reign Of Jackson by Two Hours

This afternoon in the auditorium of Riojaforum of Logroño, was filled with the music, themes and spirit of the King of Pop when Frederick Henry opened the show “Thriller Jackson. The musical show” (20.30) Frederick Henry (born in New York, 1978) is one of the three famous and official Michael Jackson impersonators.

He stated that the public of Rioja will now be the witness to a tribute to Michael Jackson in which they will be able to travel through all the stages of his life in the full sense, from the start with his brothers, The Jackson Five, to all the issues his musical never released, ‘This STI it’, and some of his best songs of his posthumous CD, Xcape! This show will also be playing all the classic songs of the King of Pop, from Billy Jean, Smooth Criminal, Bad, Black and white… and of course thriller, the title of their 6th album and also this musical.
Frederick laid the emphasis on the interactive nature of this musical show. The show has four singers, one of them is Rioja David Monero, the show also has bands and dancers. Plus there are the technicians and the important audiovisual engineer, namely Charles Minor who is the creator of the breathtaking videos that bring back Michael Jackson to life by highlighting all the major events of his life.

Another major attraction in this musical is that it is Direct! Henry gives a guarantee that Jackson can sing in the sky, or to the queue, but never does he play Jackson without singing in his own voice. The show is absolutely direct.
In the musical the audience travels through all the stages of Michael’s life. From The Jackson to This STI it’s!
However, his appearance is not exactly the same as the pop star.

He explained that the complete transformation into Michael requires a lengthy process of meticulously applying makeup that the star does himself. He says that the King is inimitable in his voice and dance moves as he was perfect, but he tries to capture his spirit in all of his performances, not by imitating him completely but by copying some of his moves and tone of his voice.In addition to meeting Michael Jackson personally, Frederick Henry was also a part of the first musical tribute held in Las Vegas. Today, he will be in Rioja, but later he will fly back to Las Vegas. But, for now he is giving the King of Pop a tribute and trying to get into the spirit of pop and taking the audience back to 80s and 90s.


Chris Pratt of the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” fame and his fabulous year

Chris Pratt of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” fame, rose to the level of a Hollywood superstar with a massive fan following from around the globe from just a star in “Parks and Recreation.”
Due to the astounding success of the Marvel film, he was named as the Movie Star of the Year by USA Today. Moreover, “The Lego Movie”, an animated film, in addition to grossing a stupendous profit of 300 million also received many nominations for various awards from many nominating bodies.
In spite of this huge overnight success, the social media news suggests that the star still remains very humble and is the nicest and coolest guy in Hollywood. USA Today reveals the secret to this that he does not take anything for granted.He recently told the reporters that you can easily break your heart if your plans don’t work out and your expectations are not met. I star in these movies, but there is no guarantee that people will watch them or these movies will make millions of dollars instead of making zero dollars.


He further said that it is not about lowering one’s expectations, but it is about doing a good job at all times and keeping your eyes on the goal.In addition to being a thriving actor with a highly successful career, the 35 year old actor is also happily married to a beautiful and supporting wife Anna Faris.
Amongst all the accomplishments he has had in his career (not forgetting his irresistible abdomen), he believes that his son Jack is the only accomplishment he is truly proud of.


Jack was a premature baby born two years ago, but the Jurassic World star and his wife never gave up on their son. They have been fighting for their little son ever since. Pratt said that he has prayed for his son and he will take care of him forever.In early December, in a Hollywood luncheon promoted by March of Dimes, the proud father stated that being in Hollywood, he has done all sorts of interesting things like jumping from helicopters and difficult stunts, playing baseball in a professional stadium, but all these seemingly interesting things do not even come close to being compared to the joy of becoming a father

Bane Banner for Dark Knight Rises

New Batman Theory: Bane is the Actual Hero in The Dark Knight Rises

Recently, a fan developed a new and interesting theory that really reveals that Bane was not the villain in the Dark Knight Rises, rather he was on Batman’s side all along.

Many comic reading and superhero adoring fans think that the Nolan Batman trilogy is one of the best film adaptations of the comic books. Although, some of these fans were not completely satisfied with the third part, The Dark Knight Rises because they think neither the story, nor the characters did do complete justice to the original powerful personas.

The.Dark.Knight.Rises.bane.Tom.Hardy Vest

A Reddit user, Ciociosanvstar has developed and posed a new theory that will blow your mind. He proposes that Bane was actually the hero of the film and he actually helped Batman to define his character as the hero.

According to this interesting new interpretation, Bane Batman believes that it is essential to wipe out vice and corruption from their city Gotham (he compares this burly character with Bruce Wayne as they depict the same characteristics of intelligence, training as well a sense of justice). But, it is very disappointing to see that the Dark Knight leaves the role after his somewhat disturbing interaction with the Joker.

Harvey Dent two faces

Furthermore, Harvey Dent, who has taken the role of the representative of all that is good and also creates a law in its name. He takes the place of the hero. Now, the villain, Dent cannot be the light, the goodness that the people of Gotham needed for without the force of the real bat are exposed to the strength of the league.

Bane tries to make the viewers see that Bruce is necessary to completely end the league. Batman is still struggling to achieve the status of a hero, a mythical creature who doesn’t possess any weakness. Batman is still struggling and is capable of being defeated by a villain.

bane extracting from jail

His final test comes when he is thrown in a prison cell underground. As mentioned earlier, to get out he has to go a transformation of forgetting his fears and prejudices and when finally Bruce gets out, he is a changed person, a renewed and improved character: a hero like Batman.

You must be wondering what does Bane do which is actually in the favor of the Batman? He reveals the truth about Dent. He basically shows the real transformation of a two faced person and the unwilling nature to help others. So, in reality the true symbol of heroism and goodness in Gotham was always the Dark Knight.

Once more these two forces face the ultimate challenge. They need to do something, they need to sacrifice for their city of Gotham. They need to lose the ego for the sake of Gotham.

So, ultimately Bruce and the Batman become individuals, completely different characters. One is a millionaire who is living a full life without being subject to the torture of the past while the vigilante becomes the symbol of goodness in the city, the one hero who is an inspiration for all in hard times. This could not have been accomplished without the existence of Bane.

Bane Dark Knight Rises

If we look at this point of view, Bane was not merely a simple character, he was a double agent and his plan was not to hurt Gotham City, but he wanted to redeem the city and renew it. His actions were always directed to a good cause. He raised a heroic character to achieve this mission.

So what do you think about this new theory? Although, there are many other theories and explanations, and they too have gaps and loopholes just like this one, but if we ignore them, then this theory gives a whole new angle to the story of Batman and the Dark Knight Rises.

batman vs superman first teaser

Batman v Superman Movie: Amy Adams praises Gal Gadot on her Looks in the Wonder Woman Costume

Busy with the promotion of her upcoming film, ‘Big Eyes’ (directed by Tim Burton), Amy Adams has been giving hints about her other movie being direct by Zack Snyder, titled, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Adams talked about her part as Lois Lane in an interview with MTV and also spoke about Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman costume.

“I will say that Gal looks really, really good in that costume. I was like, really? They make them like you? That’s awesome… For you. I’m really happy for you. Not so much for me. But, Lois is a mortal.”

Adams wasn’t in the position to reveal many secrets, but she did say that having another woman on the set was good.

“Well, I was doing a Superman [movie] – my part is mostly there,” she said. “But it was really fun to get to play with these other characters that were coming in, and get to have Gal there, and get to have another girl on set.”

Speaking to Collider earlier, Adams stated that Ben Affleck (Batman) and Henry Cavill (Superman) were “awesome together” on the set.

“It’s kind of like the big feast of muscles… It was really kind of nice, and then you add Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot and I felt very short,” said Adams.

Momoa is playing Aquaman in “Dawn of Justice.” Addressing rumors that her character and Wonder Woman could have some type of quarrel, Adams informed, Gadot and her are amicable in the movie and on set. She imparted that it is common belief that if there is more than one woman on the set, there’s bound to be a row, but this is a myth. She said that she didn’t believe so. Adams wasn’t sure how things will turn out and whether there’s going to be competition, but she was sure that in this case, both the actors were cool together and she liked her stage mate.

Wolverine Workout

The 180 kilogram update! Hugh Jackman breaks his own record at the New York gym

Hugh Jackman holds fame for acting Wolverine, so the fact that he lifts huge weights does not surprise many. In an Instagram post from a New York gym on Monday, Jackman reminded us once again of his strength.

Hugh Jackman lifting 180 Kilogram

The video posted by the 46 year old actor shows him lifting 405 pounds for five repetitions. That weight’s equal to 183kg or 28stone
Hugh Jackman broke his own record this weekend, showing off in an Instagram post on Monday that he had managed to lift 450 pounds i.e. 183kg for five repetitions.

Hugh Jackman struggle to lift 180 Kilogram

It is not Jackman’s normal style to boast on social media, but this record made him caption his post ‘5 reps. 405 pounds. New personal best.’

The celebrity had reached a milestone in November, when he lifted 435 pounds, i.e. 197 kg for one repetition.
Since he started training during the shooting of Les Miserables with celebrity personal trainer David Kingsbury, Jackman’s strength has greatly increased.

Speaking to in October, Jackman said that before training with him, Hugh had not done a lot of straight power effort. He said that he liked his trainees to do low work in 1 to 5 repetitions, and Hugh worked mostly in the 8 to 12 repetition range.
Jackman imparted the secret behind his exceptional build: carbohydrate cycling. In this, large portions of carbohydrates are taken on training days and very little on rest days.

Hugh Jackman Broke his own record

Presently, Jackman is acting The River – his Broadway play, which is running through February 8, 2015 after being extended lately.
The actor will be seen on the cinema screen shortly, in the prequel to Peter Pan, titled Pan, which is scheduled for screening next July.
The Australian all-rounder celebrity will play the role of Blackbread besides Rooney Mara, Garrett Hedlund, Amanda Seyfried, and Cara Delevingne.

2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse, which will be shot next year, will make good use of his figure.

Ryan Gosling and eva Mendes babay

Gosling-Mendes’s Newborn is revealed to the World

First Pic comes on Ellen DeGeneres

Ryan and eva-mendes-first baby

They call her the most beautiful baby on the planet, and one look at the newborn of Gosling and Mendes gives us a glimpse of the 411 on the weird “reverse tanning” trend, and a mixture of a century of classic beauty in a minute in Alluring Links today.


Eve Mendes appearance on Ellen DeGeneres after the birth of her baby was marked by the showing of the first photograph Gosling-Mendes. Sort of. [Us Weekly]

Another expecting mother, Kourtney Kardashian, posed for DuJour magazine wearing merely a translucent dress and some feathers. [E! Online]

Tilda Swinton was named this year’s Woman of the Year in an unanticipated move by GQ. [Entertainment Tonight]

Get to know the ten new models who appeared for the first time last night in the Victoria’s Secret show. [Fashionista]

Skin care in South Korea sees new trends as white tanning” gains popularity. [Refinery29]

What you are probably going to categorize as the coolest video you’ve seen: 100 years of beauty looks in under one minute. (Someone turned the clock back to 1920?) [Jezebel]

tom cruise mission impossible scene

Tom Cruise ‘Cruising’ at 200 kilometers per Hour at 1500 Meters up in the Air!

For not the first time, Tom Cruise has put his life at stake to film one of the most risky scenes of his career. Hanging from a military aircraft more than 1500 meters in the air at a speed of 200 kilometers per hours was the call this time! The scene was from ‘Mission Impossible 5’, which is screening in December 2015. What it seems at the moment is that the mission was not entirely impossible for him!

The rush of adrenaline is what we feel every time Tom Cruise films such a scene like this and risks his life in the making of a movie.

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible 5 scene

Hanging from an Airbus A400M at more than 1,500 meters and a speed of 200 kilometers per hour is no cakewalk.

The whole thing was the part of a scene from the upcoming ‘ Mission Impossible 5 ‘, but Tom Cruise has shown that it was not impossible for him as the photograph shows the 52 year old star in his suit jacket hanging in midair with no film-manipulation or editing. The movie will hit cinema screens in December, 2015.

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible 5 Filming in AIR
tom cruise MI5 plane coleup

Cruise always chooses to act the dangerous scenes of his film above making a double. In ‘ Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol ‘, he had us biting our lips and clenching our fists, as he climbed more than 828 meters high Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai without harness!


4 Top Tips Before Buy A Leather Jacket

Best Tips To Buy A Leather Jacket


Leather jackets are essential wardrobe elements and you can’t find a cupboard which won’t have well-cleaned jackets hanging on the sides. Jackets are very skilled soldiers when it comes to the battle against “the force that prevents you from looking good”. Jackets are so useful because normally they don’t let the girls know how you are beneath, that’s something the skinny and non-gym men would understand.

The warmth more than what a sweater has to offer plus the style factor that they add, all make up for an excellent choice when it comes to winter wear. There are so many choices though when a person decides on buying a leather jacket and a lot of factors to consider too, and a person normally ends up being overwhelmed by the options that are put in front of him/her. Let’s today talk about what things every leather jacket buyer should know about:

Sheep Leather Type

1# Cowhide or Sheep-Skin

This is probably the biggest question that haunts every leather jacket lover. The cowhide jackets are normally preferred in the west because they are heavier as compared to the sheepskin ones; and that’s the reason why cowhide jackets are not made for women. On the other hand, the sheepskin jackets are lighter and despite the fact that they were a lot more expensive in the past, more recently we have seen a rather significant decline in their prices, which make them a good buy too.

Synthetic leather or natural leather

2# Synthetic Leather or Natural Leather

Another question that jacket buyers love to ask. Synthetic leather is comparatively less warm, period. You can’t buy a synthetic leather jacket if you are living in cold conditions, while natural leather jackets can aid you throughout most of the year. Synthetic leather is astonishingly high-priced when put in comparison with the natural leather.


3 #Which place makes the best jackets

The quality of leather jackets is dependent largely on which place they are coming from. A skilled worker who has at-least 10 years of experience in the job can work out the destiny of a good leather jacket. Asian jackets are considered the most reliable.

4. Brands? There are too many brands out there. You have to decide wisely. There is no such brand that we can mention here, which will cater to all your needs and not be costly at the same time. Some brands offer durability, while others offer stylish designs, there are costly jackets as well as the cheap ones. You just have to decide accordingly.

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